Splinter of Wisdom: Encouraging You Enthusiastically   

The maximum amount of wise words for the price of € / $ 10.00 is a half page of A4 paper format. With regard to the other (higher) tariffs it is also possible that more words will be necessary. That depends also on the time which I have spent at a location. You can be sure that I will do my utmost best to deliver the words which I am hearing.

I like to make a masterpiece for you. Handcrafted, unique and special. I will transfer the words that I am seeing, hearing and feeling. It is possible that these words are not fitting for you. Or that those words can make you angry, sad or otherwise. I have no intention to insult or to harm you. My purpose is to speak healthy, uplifting, encouraging words into your situation. Hoping that you will experience (one day) Freedom and Life!

I Am an ‘Outsider’ in Your Situation

Because the price is minimal, just € / $ 10.00, it can be for you a try out. A lucky shot into the open sky. Please figure out for yourself whether my advice is really fitting. Ask yourself whether this is the wisdom you are needing at this moment in your life. After all: You alone are the storyteller of your own story. I am an ‘outsider’ who is providing you the help which I can give in your situation. Do know that I am not a medical trained professional. My words are not a substitute for the medicine which have been eventually prescripted to you.

Let’s keep it relaxt. It is like when you are putting your money in a coin machine. Or when you are throwing your small coins inside a teddy automaton or a lucky ‘wish well’. The outcome can make you cherish it, give you a smile or you can just feel disappointed. Maybe you expected something totally otherwise. I can not guarantee that the outcome will please you, even when I am feeling confident about my intentions and the possiblities about sending you the words of wisdom.

Your money is not thrown away. I am respecting your gift and I am transforming it into a product which I hope will shine its light in your specific situation. Do know that I am not your problem solver. I am a mirror, an encourager. I can motivate you, but you are the one who is acting. It is your life. You are the master of your life. You are the one who is shaping your story. Even when it is dark, difficult and problematic, there are still competences, powers and talents available for you. Even in the impossible situations I am believing that there is always something possible. Even a small light can be a comfort in the deepest of dark (ner tamid!).

Living in the Netherlands

The words of wisdom will be written in English. When you are living in the Netherlands it will be possible that I will write the texts in Dutch.

Please, do know that after I have sent you your text that we won’t be discussing the meaning of it or your feelings after reading the words. Of course you may tell me what you are experiencing. If you are happy about it or disappointed. When the text is really telling or very effective, please let me know also. This will encourage me to go on for others who are asking me their questions.

When you are very dissatisfied about the outcome, please do know that there won’t be a return of the € / $ 10.00 or other payments. I hope that you can see that even than I have really done my best to be a helper for you. Let’s hope that the Universe will give you in that case the specific provision which is really helping you and improving your situation. Providing you with the insights how to take the necessary steps which are so diligently needed.

Finally, you always have the choice to do what you like with my advice. It is and it will be your life. I am not bearing responsibility for how your situation develops after I have sent you the words of wisdom.

Above all: Be blessed and be comforted.

Do know that you are loved!

Please mail your urgent question by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. And pay than a minimal amount of € / $ 10.00.

You can ask about every problem or (irritating) splinter in your life. Or just about something which is bothering, embarrassing or ashaming you. Please tell, don’t hide, don’t be afraid or don’t be ashamed. You will get a splinter of pure wisdom. Focused, to the point and sharp like a stud.

The maximum amount of words is a half page of A4 paper format. I will do my utmost best to deliver the words which I am hearing and which are bubbling and boiling inside me.

Although I am a perfectionist I am also a skilled masterpiece writer. I love the art of words, the applied wisdom and wise writing!

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Splinter of Wisdom: Encouraging You Enthusiastically