How Does it Work?

Splinter of Wisdom: Encouraging You Enthusiastically   

How Wisdom Works for You:

Mail your burning question to Or click at the link which you can find at the bottom of this page. After paying a minimal amount of € / $ 10.00 you will receive your words of wisdom. Please mention your email address in the textbox which is attached to your money transfer.

To pay now via PayPal: Click here

You can ask about every problem or splinter in your life. Or just about something which is bothering, embarrassing or ashaming you. Please tell, don’t hide and don’t be afraid. You will get a splinter of wisdom. Focused, to the point and sharp like a stud.

After reading your question I will tune in to the place inside me where there is flow, rest, peace and abundance. I will listen to my intuition. I trust that I will receive the words that you are needing. These words will come to the surface.

Your advantage is that you are texting an ‘outsider’ about the issues of your life. An ‘unknown’ stranger. That means that it is possible to get words that are ‘out of the box’. Otherwise than what you are used to. Words that come from elsewhere. Words that trancend the circle of your neighbours, your friends and your family.

Take my Advice in Account!

When you are having to make an important decision, please mail me. You don’t have to loose anything. You can take my advice in account, together with the advices of your relatives and friends (when you are having them in your life).

You will know definitely what is ‘needed’ and ‘wise’ in your situation. You will have the ‘light’ 🙂 to see what the next steps are in your life.

The minimum price is € / $ 10.00. When for instance you are living in poverty you can mail me and we will agree about a reduced price. When you are a businessman, -woman, leader of a big company or you are a politician you can afford to pay more. We will also make a commitment about this. 

It is also possible to ask my help for a conversation of a hour. When more effort is needed, you can choose for an in depth interview. The minimum price there for is € / $ 50.00. When I am a whole day present in your situation than I will ask a minimum price of € / $ 500.00. Additional costs are not included in this tariff (like food, drinks and travel expenses).

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My Core Qualities:

My core qualities are that I am enthusiastic, positive and that I love to listen. Also I love to  speak encouraging words. And I like to reflect, to summarize, to ask clear questions and to confront.

I love humans. I love leaders.

Every human needs to be the leader of his or her own life and body.

Also I love politics. And I love to listen how (world) leaders are expressing themselves.

My Specialities:

  1. Giving consults – wise advice, once only;
  2. Coaching people – long-term processes;
  3. Observing and analyzing group and team dynamics – change management;
  4. In-depth interviews – values, motivations, mindsets and behaviour patterns;
  5. Mirroring managers – leadership development;
  6. Turnaround specialist – organizational cultures and identities;
  7. Chairing complex meetings – effective discussions, people with conflicting interests and sometimes hidden agendas;

My core business is to give wise advice to (world) leaders and those who want to lead themselves and others well. And those who are listening to their intuition, regardless of persons and positions.

Humanity, this planet and environment deserve ‘characters’ who are well balanced and well knowing why they are acting like they are daily doing.

I help them to focus on vulnerablity, transparancy and authenticity and how they can leave behind a positive and rich legacy.

In such a way that when people remember you they will soften and smile! Because they love you!

Ask Me Your Question(s) !

I am a writer. I love to write texts. When I am doing that I am feeling at rest. There is flow and there is no time anymore. No pressure or stress. I am delivered from hurry and worry. Click here to find a picture of me.  

I love to feel that the words inside me are ‘burning’. That these want to come to the surface. That these are ‘bubbling’ and ‘boiling’ inside me. These want to be heard. These want to have their impact. These want to change, to confront, to comfort, to heal, to nurture.

To be the solid food for spirit, soul, mind and body. To bless and to restore. To recall forgotten destinies. To remember the pure origin, when everything was okay.

Hope and Destiny

I like to speak words of encouragement, hope and destiny in your life. To break through layers of dust and darkness. Words that discover, words that clean the house, words that open the windows and the doors to give fresh air. Which try to empty your stressed, overloaded mind. That deliver you from a narrow perspective and eyes that are blindsighted.

Summary – Wise Words and Mirror Moments:

  • One request for wise words via e-mail: € / $ 10.00;
  • Living in poverty: Different tariff (less than € / $ 10.00);
  • One hour conversation / confrontation / discourse / discussion: € / $ 50.00;
  • Being present in your situation for around eight hours: € / $ 500.00. Additional costs can be travel expenses, food and drinks. Also possible is an in depth interview;
  • Being a wealthy business man / woman, leader of a big company or being a political leader:  € / $ 5000.00. We will agree about the price of the brainstorms / the mirror moments and the total amount of time which is necessary;
  • It is also possible that you ask me to interview you, to ask questions about your deepest emotions and motivations. And that I will translate your answers in words. It is possible that you will say after reading the text: ‘Yes, this is what I was wishing to say for so long, searching but not finding the words to express myself clearly’;
  • Finally, you can ask me also for the editing of texts or the translating of articles and books.

Please mail your urgent question to Or click on the link at the bottom of this page. And pay than a minimal amount of € / $ 10.00.

You can ask about every problem or (irritating) splinter in your life. Or just about something which is bothering, embarrassing or ashaming you. Please tell, don’t hide, don’t be afraid or don’t be ashamed. You will get a splinter of pure wisdom. Focused, to the point and sharp like a stud.

The maximum amount of words is a half page of A4 paper format. I will do my utmost best to deliver the words which I am hearing and which are bubbling and boiling inside me.

Although I am a perfectionist I am also a skilled masterpiece writer. I love the art of words, the applied wisdom and wise writing!

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Splinter of Wisdom: Encouraging You Enthusiastically