Splinter – Who Am I?

Splinter of Wisdom: Encouraging You Enthusiastically   

I am a splinter in the universe. But I am also a splinter of this universe. Do I have all wisdom in person? Not at all. There are many splinters of wisdom in this world. I am just one splinter. But to be one splinter at one moment in somebodies life is for me already a blessing and an enrichment.

I believe that well dosed wisdom will reach its destination. And that every drop of wisdom contains the whole ocean of purity, perseverance and the possibility to protest with regard to the status quo.

What’s my Birth Name?

My name is Nico (A.) Belo. I am 44 years. I am a father. I am living in the Netherlands, in the region of Rotterdam.

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My core values are Freedom and Life. I am a qualified listener. I hear from the ‘inside’. Clear words that originate from the well of intuition, conscience and consciousness.

Journalist and Anthropologist

I love to write. I am a skilled writer. I have written more than thousand articles for local newspapers. In that time I did also in depth interviews. After four years of study I received a degree in Journalism and Communication.

I am also a Master of Science in Cultural Anthropology. I studied at the University of Utrecht. In that time I did a traineeship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague. Also I lived for six months in Africa. In the beautiful country of Ethiopia. 

Here you can find some of the results of my fieldwork period (during the years 2002 and 2003): Click here

It was one of the most inspiring periods of my life. I can really recommend every person to stay for a while in another culture or country. It can become a treasure in your life.

I love people of all cultures, nations, ethnicities, religions and sexual orientations (including all those who feel asexual, bisexual or gender neutral).

Being different than others is for me okay!

Insights in the Hidden Aspects of our Human Nature

Working as a financial administrator I have seen the effects of poverty, debts, addictions and criminal deeds in the lives of people. My insights in the hidden aspects of our human behaviour have multiplied.

There is one thing I know after fourty years for sure: No one is normal! We all are using our own judgments, our own standards about ‘good’ or ‘wrong’.

We brew our own home made mixture of ‘normality’ and we are not seeing quite well that we are all somewhere ‘wounded’ and that we are at moments ‘dysfunctional’. And also sometimes ‘destructive’.

Feeling for Years ‘Not Normal’

I myself have felt for many years ‘not normal’. I did not felt understood or really heard. This was also because I see, think and feel otherwise than the people around me. This experience of being ‘otherwise’ was for me – for years – a painful splinter.

Nowadays, I am using these ‘differences’ in how I observe and interpret as useful tools to discern and to help you to get a clear picture of your ‘context’ and the next steps which can change the current course of your situation.

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Please mail your urgent question by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. And pay than a minimal amount of € / $ 10.00.

You can ask about every problem or (irritating) splinter in your life. Or just about something which is bothering, embarrassing or ashaming you. Please tell, don’t hide, don’t be afraid or don’t be ashamed. You will get a splinter of pure wisdom. Focused, to the point and sharp like a stud.

The maximum amount of words is a half page of A4 paper format. I will do my utmost best to deliver the words which I am hearing and which are bubbling and boiling inside me.

Although I am a perfectionist I am also a skilled masterpiece writer. I love the art of words, the applied wisdom and wise writing!

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Splinter of Wisdom: Encouraging You Enthusiastically