Wisdom – What is Wisdom?

Splinter of Wisdom: Encouraging You Enthusiastically   

Receive your Potential Portion of Words with a Purpose!

The wealth of wisdom is as wide as the ways of the wind. And as small as the concentrated spots of information in the strings of our DNA. Wisdom is inviting to change the patterns of behaviour that are not anymore fitting. And to change every rigid situation.

Wisdom is Found in Different Forms

Wisdom can present itself in different forms. It can be seen in the fire, in the sparkling stars, in the flowers of the field and the majestic trees which are living for centuries in the deep dark forests. Wisdom can be laid bare at different places. It can disguise itself and express itself via various forms.

Wisdom Unmasks and Breaks through Rigidity

Wisdom has also the possibility to unmask. To show that the king has no clothes, even when this ruler is boasting and bragging. Wisdom has the power to confront that which is of no strength and essence. Wisdom will break through vast traditions and rigid thought patterns.

Wisdom loves to invite you to the unknown places. To walk the small paths towards the wells where you can see the little deers drinking. Wisdom is asking to be present, to be full of attention. So that you won’t miss the opportunity of the sudden moment. So that you won’t be too frozen when the warmth is (finally) coming your way.

Wisdom is Your Birthright

What I like the most of wisdom is that it can’t be made mute. In the face of intimidation and manipulation it will find ways to speak to those who are willing to listen.

Wisdom is your birthright: To speak words of Freedom and Life. So that Light and Love will shine in situations of despair, inequality, abuse and cruelity.

Wisdom has the power to tear down the strongholds of time, tradition, thoughts and (patriarchal) powerstructures.

Wisdom is the honesty that unmasks. Even when it is presenting itself as ‘foolishness’. Even when it is looking like an ‘ugly’ mirror.

It even can be the clown that will give the powerless feeling people the possibility to laugh. To laugh away the bullies and dictators who were humilating them. To laugh through tears and fears!

Throw your Wisdom like a Stone to Fell your Giant

When wisdom is received it can cause feelings of discomfort and uncertainity. Real ‘’truth’’ can cause pain. It can be felt like the knife of a surgeon. Cutting through the curtains of confusion.

The insights which you are receiving will be focust and precisely. These will reach out and cause deep inside – under layers of lies and illusions – a vibration of hope and courage.

To fell a giant you only need a small stone and a swing. Your piece of wisdom can be such a small, precious stone. Use it to throw at your massive felt problem or dark cloud of pain, despair and depression.

In this process you will discover that you will be a perfect pitcher. Whatever your cast will show, you will taste the confidence that your personal utilised wisdom will do whatever is needed.

After so many years I can still feel the sensation of the words I read already so long ago: Ecclesiastes 12 vers 11: ‘’The words of the wise are pointed, and sayings grouped together are like nails fixed with a hammer .. ‘’.

You can ask about every problem or (irritating) splinter in your life. Or just about something which is bothering, embarrassing or ashaming you. Please tell, don’t hide, don’t be afraid or don’t be ashamed. You will get a splinter of pure wisdom. Focused, to the point and sharp like a stud.

The maximum amount of words is a half page of A4 paper format. I will do my utmost best to deliver the words which I am hearing and which are bubbling and boiling inside me.

Although I am a perfectionist I am also a skilled masterpiece writer. I love the art of words, the applied wisdom and wise writing!


Splinter of Wisdom: Encouraging You Enthusiastically