Splinter of Wisdom – An Introduction

Splinter of Wisdom: Encouraging You Enthusiastically   

Sometimes a sharp splinter – like a needle – is needed to reach the deeper parts of wisdom, strength, courage and determination. The place where you find rest during the storm. It is like a drill in the darkness piercing through the dust towards the layers of pure gold and shining diamonds.

Are you Busy, Distracted and Overloaded? Ask your Question!

So many times our minds can be busy and distracted, due to an overload of (condemning) thoughts and (confusing) emotions. We need some respite to restrain our immediate and sometimes primitive impulses.

The Sharp Splinter of a Broken Mirror – Find the Spot in Yourself!

This sharp splinter can be like the small, shattered fragments of a broken mirror. When a beam of sunlight is capturing the small pieces it will catch your attention.

You see it radiating in the mud. There it is: A concentrated flash of a small, but very beautiful rainbow. When you bend yourself to pick it up and when you bring it close to your eyes you will get a glimpe of a blind spot of yourself. Untill this moment you was unaware about it. But thanks to this very small, precious mirrorstone you are seeing and finally knowing. In a split second your mind find the missing link. The last piece of the puzzle. And the tied knot is unraveled.

Purpose to Be a Blessing Present in your Situation! 

My purpose is to be a blessing splinter in your present situation. 

To be a present (e-mail to present@splinterofwisdom.eu) of intuition, inspiration and energizing influence. My purpose is to be a clear sign at the heavily trafficked point of intersection. To be an assistant in passing the road safely. To get your attention and to help you focus on a small – easily overlooked – passage to the next level of your existence.

How am I doing that? By being a sharp listener. Reading and receiving your words. Feeling the impact of these words. Distilling and digesting your question. Trusting that my intuition will provide a fresh answer that will give you a new opportunity to review and maybe reinterpret your current ‘problem’. Whatever it may be.

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Find a Reset Button and Make a Fresh Start!

If necessary I will press at a painful spot or memory inside you. Maybe the place you have ignored for so far. Out of fear to lose control or your carefully built balance. If possible I will help you to find a reset button and to make a fresh start. The minimal thing I will do is to give you a dose of healthy words. These will be vitamins and minerals for your daily journey.

It will be a piece of light. An impartation of wisdom. A drop of pure and mature moisture for a dry and sandy feeling soul. Even when you feel barren, exposed, vulnerable and barely equiped for the steps you have to undertake, these words will be a present.

It is wise to consult an unknown ‘outsider’ and to take your chance. For sure you need to receive an ‘injection’ from beyond your own circle and self blown bubble. To be prickled to choose for motion, even when it means to go through your pain.

So please, start the necessary actions so that you will reach your destination! In due time!

Please mail your urgent question by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. 

You can ask about every problem or (irritating) splinter in your life. Or just about something which is bothering, embarrassing or ashaming you. Please tell, don’t hide, don’t be afraid or don’t be ashamed. You will get a splinter of pure wisdom. Focused, to the point and sharp like a stud.

The maximum amount of words is a half page of A4 paper format. I will do my utmost best to deliver the words which I am hearing and which are bubbling and boiling inside me.

Although I am a perfectionist I am also a skilled masterpiece writer. I love the art of words, the applied wisdom and wise writing!

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Splinter of Wisdom: Encouraging You Enthusiastically