How I Escaped The Dictate Of Time

In the ‘old days’ I tricked myself by turning the hands of the clock ten minutes ahead. It meant that when I was in a hurry I would have ten minutes left to catch my bus or to be present at my next appointment. That relaxing realisation repressed my stress and anxiety.

Nowadays – while I have my new phone – I have stopped this practice. I guess because I love the pretense of the new technology that it is accurate. And for sure there is one thing I am loving very much. And that is to be accurate 🙂

Feeling the dictate of time

So now when I am feeling the dictate of time it is giving me feelings of stress. I get agitated and irritated. In those perilous moments I try to reassure my mind that all is still okay. I start wishful and wilful thinking like: ‘Everything is happening at the right time’ or ‘I am just at time’. But alas, my body is not always following these considerations.

Even when I am knowing that my mind is overloaded with stimuli – for instance through sudden loud noises or the accumulated questions of my relatives – and even when I am aware that time is just a mental concept (an illusion) the stress won’t listen to the demand to leave.

The surface of my lucidity

Happily I discovered that my blog about stress – I wrote it at 9 November, you can find it here: Click here – has given me in the follow-up some fresh insights. These came just to the surface of my lucidity weeks later 🙂 
I now realize that my writing of the text about stress helped me to change some of my (mental) behaviours. I detected for myself some inner grow. And I received three lessons.

Three lessons:

        • I made the decision to awake ten minutes earlier than I was used to. It means that it gives me the possibility to awake fully. Specially when I have slept very deep and when I am awaking dizzy. Also it creates the opportunity to do my activities in a slower pace and rhythm. That is helpful for me when I am feeling tired or when my mind is in a repeative control stance urging me to double check whether I have really done what I was doing. Thoughts like: ‘Did I really lock the door or did I really put off the fire of the kitchen stove?’ But sometimes I just like to do everything very slow. To train my mind to be really present in the moment. To become attentive and aware about what my hands are doing;
        • Secondly, I observed that when I am in a mental state of being thankful – thanking for having slept well in a warm house, thanking to be alive and in a good health and thanking to have food and drinks etc. – that I am less sensitive to stress. And I have experienced that when I am in such a flow it seems that time is even going slower for  my benefit;
            • Thirdly, I uncovered that it is really helping me to say aloud that I am the boss of time. It means for me to realize that time is not dictating me. It is relativizing the daily scrutiny of time. Because it is me who decides what to do at which moment. And by being aware of that I feel that I am far more free of stress and worry.

          And I believe again the long time ago obtained idea that I am arriving at the right moment at my location. And that I am meeting the right persons at the right moments.

        And even it seems to be happening that everything and everyone is helping me. And all seems to work for the good of me.

      • So sooner or later I am enjoying my relaxt and easy time travelling 🙂


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