Visiting The House And Furniture Of Anne Frank – While Her Living Look Alikes Are Still Standing Like Furniture Between The Red Curtains Some Streets Further Away

After my appointment in Amsterdam I walked through the Red Light District towards Central Station. I saw ladies from Bulgaria, Romania and Latin America. Standing behind the windows. Clothed only in their underwear. Winking and beckoning me to come and to enter their small rooms behind the red curtains. I smiled friendly and walked further.

A pale face and black hair

Suddenly I saw her while I looked over my left shoulder. There she was. A very young girl. Having a pale face and black hair. She was the opposite of the other, older ladies who were standing with brown powdered skins behind the glass. I felt shocked, because she looked like Anne Frank.

She was standing in a corner of the house. Just some streets away from the Anne Frank Museum, which is every year visited by more than one million humans from all over the world.

She was very young. Radiating fragility.

A harlot in Holland

I wondered how she came to the Netherlands. I asked myself where her family is? Who her father is? And is he knowing that his daughter is living as a harlot in Holland?

One million persons are walking every year through the neighbourhood to the Museum of Anne Frank. Probably they will visit the same day the so called ‘famous’ Red Light District.
And while they are one moment solemnly climbing the staircase to the attic where Anne Frank was hiding, next moments they are probably laughing, pointing and making pictures of the striking ladies behind the windows.
Anne Frank had some privacy, her equals are standing at high heels in the spotlights. Nearly naked. Without dignity.

What will happen when their (unwritten) diaries are found? Will there be a publisher who is interested in the stories of these girls from abroad? To read about the betrayals, the lost trust and honour, the abuses, the abductions, the violences and the rapes?

Who are the men who are paying prostitutes?

Every time when a man goes in and pays the money there is again a woman to be raped. And after this she is again raped. And again. Many times a day.
And I am asking myself: ‘Who are the men who dare to go in? Are their wifes knowing? Are their daughters aware that their fathers are having sex with some peers from Eastern Europe?’

Are that the men who are lying about the money they paid? Are they saying that they bought some petrol for their cars? And that they paid cash? And are their friends and relatives believing them?

Are they having double standards or double lives?

Or are that the men who don’t have a relation and who are ‘starving’, due to  their longing for sex, attention and maybe a hug or a touch? Or are it the men whose relations / marriages are bleeding to death, because of a shortage of intercourse? Are they having ‘blue balls’? Watching pornography? Masturbating? And …

Sexless relations and marriages?

One man told me that he was – during more than thirty years of marriage – just for five moments intimate with his wife. Just five times. That means only one moment in six years. Crazy! Shocking to hear.  And I thought that I had endured ‘drought’ – sexless periods – in my marriage!

In my ‘old’ neighbourhood lives a gigolo. He was a house painter, but left his job to earn more money by having sex with (lonely) wealthy (business-) women. My neighbour is going frequently to the gym to maintain his strong muscular body, while his girlfriend is knowing how he earns his ‘new’ money. Their little boy is still unaware.

The fate of many girls and women is not known

Every year more than 1300 vulnerable, under aged, Dutch girls are blackmailed via shared photos of their nudity. After that they are transported – again it looks like Anne Frank – to places abroad. For instance in Belgium where they have to ‘serve’ as prostitutes. The fate of many others is not known by the (watchful) authorities or the (successful) organisations which are trying to help these girls and women to escape the brothels and whorehouses.

And while these teenagers are ‘working’ long houres a day their earnings are seized away by pimps. Weekly they are robbed of thousands of euros. And their pimps walk with many banknotes in their pockets and are driving around in expensive and fast cars.

How to reduce the number of girls and women which are raped daily?

So how can we reduce the number of girls and women which are raped daily in our country? Not to speak about the other countries world wide.

Is it by focussing on the prostitutes? By trying to motivate them to leave their legalised ‘jobs’? To give them training for other work possibilities? To liberate them from the pimps? Sure!

To help them get rid of their debts? Yes, of course!

But the problem is that we are than focussing on the supply, while there is still a big demand!

Criminal networks will whatever produce or deliver as long as there is a demand. And for so long the revenues are kept high.

So to rescue some ‘drops’ is great, but new drops are already coming, while the river steadily is continuing its flow towards the sea and the expansive oceans.

The solution will be to reduce the demand. Have we ever fully investigated what the reasons are why richer men and women are raping their poorer fellows after paying money?

Of course we can focus on the criminals and we can revulse and protest against their cruel behaviours and the bloodshed of humans. Like what is happening at a daily base during many drugs wars in Latin America.

But let me be clear: All those users of drugs and paid sex are equal responsible for the horror from pimps and criminals. It is too easy to disconnect them from the ‘supply’.

Doing something about the demand for paid sex

To pay for drugs or to pay for sex means to pay for the total ‘production chain’ of bloodshed, rape and all the other hideous ‘’human’’ acts.

So the solution means that we have to do something about the demand for paid sex. Fines and sentences of courts can be tools – and these are effective – but behaviours won’t be changed out of fear (there is than no free choice or real will). Nor will these be changed when sex offenders are sent in groups to the prisons.

I believe that a multidimensional approach will be fruitful.

It will be found by monitoring the home situations of the offenders, by building caring and preventing networks around them and to give them the obligation to listen to the stories of ex prostitutes. To hear them tell about the daily rapes, the humilations and the physical and mental tortures.
And it will be found when all these persons are asked why they went to harlots. And why they did pay to have sex. And why they were seeming indifferent about the feelings of the girls and women they were abusing.

Finally, I guess that well functioning and well tuned (virtual) sex robots can be probably also a part of the various approach.

And let there than be a price tag for this technology of toys.

Because all these previous mentioned men and women showed us that they were willing to pay …

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