Focus on All the Good You Have

It is easy to focus on the things we do’nt have. The things which we are desiring. Or the things we did loose.

But the challenge is to focus on all the good we have. Like a pretty health, a nice humor and an intelligent brain. That’s already more than some others have 🙂

And it is wisdom to let your wishes go. To surrender these to a higher level.

Knowing for sure, believing, deeply convinced that these desires will come true at the right moment and the right place.

Please, believe that more blessings are coming.

Do understand – far above thinking and feeling – that the best is yet to come.

Remember, others died in 2020. But we are still alive.

Enjoy your extra amount of time in the new year.

Let the blessing of love, abundance and prosperity rest on you.

Also in 2021.

Prosperity. It is a power.

The Power of Prosperity.

Splinter of Wisdom

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