There is Progress … Slow but Steady

While worldwide people are protesting ‘white supremacy’, we could be tempted to think that in the end nothing will change at all.

But that is a delusion.

Even in my country the Netherlands the old tradition of ‘Black Pete’ is changing. We as white people are more and more realizing that the black painted faces at the ‘innocent’ children’s party of Saint Nicholas are hurtful to black people.

And yes, thanks to the heroes who dare to stand up, even when they are mocked, there is made progress.

So let’s also start to change the toys of our kids. Let them play with black dolls and brown colored barbies, in imitation of Banksy who drew his hero doll on the wall of a hospital in Great Britain.

Even when we are feeling impatient or irritated about the tempo of the progress, let’s realize that a lot of progress of the last centuries was slow but steady.

It reminds me of the old story of the hare and the tortoise. This fairy tale was originally created by Aesopus, who was living thousands years ago (between six hunderd and five hunderd before the birth of Christ).

There is progress, slow but steady.

So stay focused … Do’nt give up! Be brave!

Splinter of Wisdom

For the child inside us a comforting song:

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