To Be Here To Be a Helper and To Serve Each Other Carefully and Colourfully

When I was a child I was dominant. I was acting like that I was the boss. I always wanted that we were playing in accordance with my will. At that age I did not understand the words of Jesus when he was saying:

”I am not here to reign, but to serve”.

‘Serving the other’ was sounding for me – when I was a teenager – like being a submissive servant. I felt the resistance inside me.

Nowadays, being a father, I understand far more what it means to be a servant. Brushing the teeth of my kids or cleaning the dirty buttocks of my little son …

To be a servant is for me nowadays a free choice of my will. To help others, hoping that they can flourish like flowers and that they can feel that they are taken care of, is for me like giving away a present of love and strength.

It is more beautiful to see that others are making their own choices than to be the boss who is commanding others to act in accordance to his rules. It is more tempting to see that others are in their own power than to overpower them.

Like Jesus showed us. That real strength is not in power terms, in royal clothes or in big and expensive cars, but that natural power is found in care and paying attention to others. Like listening carefully, encouraging and empowering each other. To keep it up, even when the circumstances are dark and difficult. And even when the other is hurting you and me.

Please, hold on. A helper is already on the way to you … 🙂

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