Being a Teacher – Walking in My Destiny

Inside myself I laugh at myself. It feels like a big joke. Like that the Universe is not permitting me to escape my ‘fate’ 🙂 Because I never considered it possible that I would become a teacher. Me a teacher? No way. Never …

For years I resisted the thought of being the ‘master’ of a classroom full of kids. My ego was using my imagination to produce pictures of boring and dull situations.

Why was I protesting inside? Because many members of my family are teachers. My grandfather and my parents were, my sister, my uncle and my niece are it still today … And I charmed myself with the idea that I am unique, special and ‘otherwise’ than my family. I would live my life otherwise. I would go another path. I would choose my ‘own’ destiny …

But after years of different jobs I am feeling inside that the school as workplace is attracting me. It itches and it tickles inside me …

This started to become real when I was bringing my daughter to school and when I was feeling there an atmosphere of caring and loving attention … 🙂

And now … I am studying and practicing to be a teacher … Enthusiastically … Yes … You read that right … Enthusiastically 🙂

Splinter of Wisdom

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