Quote of the Day – Celebrate That the Whole World Is Today Your Playground

Aged religions start their story by telling us that we did fall. That we were stumbling in stubbornness … And that we in ancient times rolled down a steep hill … Long forgotten … but nowadays we are still rolling … The question is: Are we really rolling down? And are we really that erratic, egoistic and cocky creatures? If so … is that than a problem? Can’t we handle a little ‘complexity’? Why should we blame, accuse and condemn ourselves? Why should we pretend and misstep further just by burying the ‘perversions’ behind a wall of perfection? Seemingly secure built with bricks of self-justification, but constantly in need of maintenance. Using the ‘wrongdoings’ of others to plaster our own cracks. Okay, it is time to make a leap of thought: When we are looking at children … Are we than also watching with critical eyes? Really? When a kid falls we stretch our hands to help it to rise again. We comfort, we dry the tears and when there are drops of blood … We stick a plaster on it. So is it than possible to look with that same friendly eyes at our own stumbling? Because … falling and failing is a part of life. It gives us the possibility to stand still, to breathe, to think, to learn and to grow. So reassure yourself today: Wrestling is okay and making mistakes is also okay. Give yourself the permission to fall … And celebrate that the whole world is your playground … Relax! Please, relax! Try to enjoy every toy! Even in this moment you are not knowing how many days you will be present in your human form of flesh and blood … And should today be your last day: Don’t freak out. It is still okay. If the ‘game’ is over … Blow out … It is time to leave the tight ‘classroom’ … You are promoted to … more extensive space … There is far more to explore than planet Earth … The whole Universe is expanding on behalf of you! … You are invited to: Next level 🙂

– Splinter of Wisdom

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