Quote of the Day – Pinch Today The Sting of Anger which Depresses Your Mood

How sensitive you are to anger. Little things can irritate, unbalance you and even make you mad. It disturbs and blocks your joy and rest. It kidnaps the peaceful pace of your thoughts and feelings. And with ravelling results: You are blaming the other for making your life hard and difficult. You are fixating on your hurted feelings, obsessed and possessed by it. And you don’t have anymore the mental space to empathize and ask yourself what the other is thinking and feeling. Do you deem it possible that the other didn’t hurt you on purpose? That he was unaware about his behaviour causing a mess in your mind? Or was he feeling such frustrated that he was snapping as an angry snake at you? Ouch … You can be such vengeful … longing to pay back the pain which is inflicted on you … Your mind is like all the other humans conditioned upon retribution and criminalizing the behaviours of others. Happily no one was hearing your big mouthed murderous thoughts … So why should you give the other this power over your mind? Why should you repeatingly become angry and let your mood be soured? Let it go … Don’t take it personally … Please, let it go! Forgive today! Forgive and again forgive … Beware yourself of falling in the pit of a bitter, hostile and angry resentment …

– Splinter of Wisdom

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