Quote of the Day – Sent Today Your Thank You Balloon From The Bottom of Your Heart

We take so much for granted. We go to sleep and we are still breathing when we wake up. We climb stairs … we run … and we accept these complicated movements as quite natural. These go unnoticed. We grumble when our bodies have to wait at a checkout. And we are addicted – like opium – to being opinionated about our environment and those who are walking there. But can we truly see? Are these silhouettes also humans like us? Or is the fog of our inflated ego too big to say something friendly at all to them? And when you dare to say ‘thank you’ … do you feel obliged to do so? Or do these words really come from the bottom of your heart? Please, be aware: Gratitude is more than a form of politeness. It can become a permanent state of mind. It will become an attitude which is based on a solid underground. Gratitude will help you when the ‘disasters’ of life are trying to ‘darken’ your experience of reality. It will aid you to keep your back straightened when the pressure is building up in such a way that you have to bow your head to the slippery mud. Make sure that you are well equipped for that days. Start today to train your mind to say ‘thank you.’ Practice it by thanking yourself and others for the most simple things … And when your mind is scolding you for being ‘stupid’ .. be than the best friend of yourself! Feel free to be an ‘idiot’ 🙂 Perhaps, a foolish prescription: Exercise gratitude also by sharing your bread with others … This will be the medicine to satisfy the smug and smoothly feeling loneliless …

– Splinter of Wisdom

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