Quote of the Day – Rejuvenate Today Your Relatives By Giving Them Your Attention

Everything of worth can wear off. Without maintenance it will wrinkle and be torn and worn because of the weather or the storms of life. Look how quickly the weeds are returning after you have been gardening. Or watch how the laundry is piling up and the dirt and dust is whirling down at the floors, when you are neglecting your domestic work. The same applies to your relationships. When you are seized by busy activities and the time is flying away, you will be in danger that you are alienating yourself from your loved ones. You don’t have to be surprised that there will come a moment that they will turn their backs towards you. It is such easily to lose connection with your housemates. Please choose today to focus on your family or friends. There are so many distractions … And time is already slipping trough your hands. Before you know it your relatives will be grown up and even aged. By the way … You are not the master who decides how many extra days you will be present in your passing form of flesh and blood … So lay away your mobile phone … listen to the excited stories of those around you and give them your full attention … They will become ‘mature’ in your eyes. Their self esteem will grow and their love for you will expand … And your heart will rejoice again … It will pump and jump … And in just some seconds … it will be rejuvenated 🙂 …

– Splinter of Wisdom

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