Quote of the Day – Unclothe Today Your Mind of The Comfort of Conformity

The biggest fights did not happen only in history at the battlefields. They still occure daily in our by Conformity occupied minds. We disgust and reject the ‘clothing’ we don’t like of our own appearance and of those around us. And we embrace and uplift these ‘outfits’ that are corresponding with our ideal pictures. Unconsciously we ‘dance’ in accordance with the standards and tastes of a majority of mostly white and elder men in our societies. They are the ones who raise, hire, reward and punish us. And by doing so we tell ourselves how we can be clothed in comfort or live in meager misery. It is difficult for our minds to cope with the mindset of Diversity. This asks us to undress ourselves from the clothes of Conformity. And when we are finally nude – free of conditioning – we see that in this realm of Diversity no one is the expert, boss or king. We are the Same in our shared nakedness. What can we say? What can we do? Where are our tendencies to work and live only with the people who seem to be like us? Or who were like us imitating, pretending and flattering? So we have to let go our biased know-how, our dominance and our control. To gather the courage to trust those who are seemingly not like ourselves … So explore today these parts of your Humanity which you did not dare to see fully … Or which you decided long ago to be ignorant about it forever …

– Splinter of Wisdom

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