Quote of the Day – The Numbered Beads Of Luck Are Also Today Around Your Gullet

Today is the thirteenth of the month. Not Friday, but Saturday. Some of us are trembling when both coincide. Fearing that when the coin is tossed the dark side of it will catch the light. Like the moving wheel of a gambling machine is showing many times an ‘unlucky’ combination of numbers or symbols. And the money is flying away … causing empty wallets and broken hearts. It is important to realize that your imagination is distinguishing and disguising the separation that these ‘differences’ are creating. Between people and also between numbers and incidents. For unclear reasons there is a labelling of ‘good’ or ‘wrong’. These mental judgements are causing ‘misfortune’ and feelings of frustration and dark despair. Based on doubtful grounds, while our essence is otherwise than that. It is far less complicated than the hodge podge of our mind which mirrors a non-existing ‘mess’. Please, believe today that you are bringing ‘welfare’ in every situation. And that there will be an excellent exit! Irrespective of what the numbers or novelties are presumable ‘predicting’. You yourself are Prosperity in Person. Whatever is trying to choke you … Trottling, strangling and trampling you … The beaded necklace of blessings – it shows your authority and identity – is unremovable attached to your neck … By loving and caring hands … Lucky You!

– Splinter of Wisdom

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