Quote of the Day – Let Your Tweets and Beeps Today Be Seen and Heard

This is the time that the young sparrows are flying. You can see them balancing on the fence or flutter their wings fanatically, while they are bathing in the dusty soil. Do you realize how many perils and dangers they have survived already? When they were screaming for food there were moments that instead of their parents the murderious magpies and jackdaws were coming … And nowadays it are the cats and hawks which are lurking around on the ground and in the sky … trying to attack and to devour them fastly … But still these little birds seem unworried … They are not hiding and not silencing themselves. They keep peeping exitedly and they seem to be full of life when they are twittering their ‘unique’ tweets 🙂 … So say it to yourself: I am a survivor! … Your ancestry did outlive droughts, famines, horrible diseases and even worldwide wars … And you yourself persisted also during the shocking pressures of your birth and the early days in the dark womb. You have escaped so many dangers and riskful situations. So relax and enjoy! Let your tweets and beeps today be seen and heard …

– Splinter of Wisdom

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