Quote of the Day – Elevate Your Mind Today By Lifting An Elephant With Your Finger

Feeling joyful and peaceful it can happen that we are suddenly overwhelmed by the angry outburst of one of our housemates. Ouch … The unreasonable behaviour of the other can cause such disturbing thoughts and feelings. Knowing that we did nothing ‘wrong’, it is difficult to prevent the pain and the interpretation that we were treated ‘unjustly’. And that intense reality of shocked feelings can occupy completely our mind like an octopus. Thinking for hours about what happened. Trying to give it a meaning and to store it away in a mental ‘box’. This can cause tiredness, a waste of energy and sometimes even a loss of the lust for life. These exhausting and repeating thoughts are blowing up the small situation into a monstrous ‘sculpture’. It is the same like when our mind experiences stress and worry: Little concerns can than be tranformed into major life problems. Indeed, it is ‘good’ to see the dangers and the risks of our journey. But our imagination – which can dream grand – has also the disability that it can turn a little mosquito into an immense elephant. We don’t have today to fear the ‘lions’ and ‘bears’. Nor do we have to fight the flying ‘fire-breathing dragons’. We can just walk on and realize that we are giants of invention, creativity and change. Our passion and progress can be contained in a body of flesh and blood, but it can’t be chained forever. So … Break free today! Elevate your mind! Imagine that you can lift an elephant with your little finger …

– Splinter of Wisdom

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