Quote of the Day – Cherish The Clean Up Crocodiles In The Conditioning Of Your Life

Cherish the annoying persons in your life. The easy way is to walk away and to leave them behind. Sometimes you have to do that to be really free. To overcome the limitations and barriers of an imprisoning or even abusive and killing environment. But the difficult road is to deal with those who are irritating and frustrating you. While they are not that ‘wild’ like you, they are also not your enemy of dumb dullness.
They are given to you as sharpening stones to polish you. To remove ‘old’ layers of conditioning. So that you can clean up your mess and improve your condition. You are not meant to live stealthy, but healthy. That means also: To be recognized, to be seen and to be heard. Give others the permission today to polish, cherish and nurture you! Let it just happen … 

– Splinter of Wisdom

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