Wisdom is Practical and Dares to Confront Those Who Stay in Positions of Power

A good friend likes to give me advice about how I can attract more visitors towards my website. He sais that when I publish challenging quotes from well known historic or nowadays famous people it will be liked. But the main thing is: I don’t like those aphorisms. Because it is very safe and predictable.

You can hang those texts on tiles in your toilet. It can give you a smile on your face and you can nod in agreement, but it won’t change anything. The cause of this is that these words are abstract and passive – frozen in a frame – and haphazardly directed at every passer-by or bystander.

I believe that real change is coming via persons who are knowing what they are desiring and what they are doing. They think about their goals and go for it, regardless of the difficulties which they are meeting during their journey.

These people are networkers, influencers and actors. And in their interactions things are happening. Like we are also used to in our own lives: Things originate and develop just in the flow of accidents and incidents. Sometimes seemingly accidentally.

Life is creating itself via successive moments. And wisdom needs than to be present and to jump into the situation. To grasp the chance and to speak the words that are necessary to make the change longer lasting.

I believe that words of wisdom are practical. They are clear and focust. They don’t have hidden agendas. Also there are no multiple interpretations possible. Wisdom is not vague or ambiguous, it is the strength to confront those humans which are behaving from positions of power. When they are abusing their power for their own benefits and when they are crossing personal boundaries there must be someone in the room who will say: ‘No, this is not normal’. ‘Stop doing this!’

The director spoke nasty words about my colleague

I called a former colleague to ask her to give me credentials when a headhunter would phone her about my job application. I was surprised to hear that she also left the firm where I was fired months earlier. She told me that the director had spoken very nasty words about her and towards her – ‘you are crazy in your head’ and ‘your husband will leave you, because of you’ – while her chief and the second manager of the firm were also participating in the same conversation. Both men remained silent and mute, while the director was scolding her.

The only one who was championing for her was she herself. She did say: ‘I don’t accept this and I will resign’.

Her chief was surprised to hear these words and said after the meeting: ‘You should not have done that’. But only two days later he had already changed his mind, while saying: ‘Yes, this is better, because you are for me not a controllable person’.

He shifted his opinions, because this chief is not secure feeling about himself. So how could he be secure about others? How could he be trusting, while he is not even trusting his own girlfriend?

Also he don’t like to stand alone. Not at all when all the other team leaders are nodding their heads and saying ‘yes’ when the director is speaking his aphorisms. His ‘dead’ words – they don’t bless and don’t give life, even not when they are flattering – can be written down on tiles, like the grave stones at a cementary.

Dare to take the risk to be humilated, rejected and mocked

Where are the people who dare to be isolated? To be the only one who speak while the rest is staying silent? Where are the humans who dare to take the risk to be humilated, to be rejected and to be mocked? Where are the ‘brave’ persons that dare to speak to those who are thinking and believing that they are in (absolute) positions of power? Surrounded by yes-men.

For me there are no positions of power. No hierarchies, no gurus and no rulers. The only power is self-control and what we are – deep inside us – really believing about ourselves and our surrounding world.

What are our beliefs? And do we really understand that no other human can enslave us? Even when they are harming our bodies. Or when they are locking us inside small rooms? Even than our minds and spirits are free. The light of Freedom can even shine in a prison. Because this light is inside our bodies. Don’t extinguish the Light of our existence which is given to us!

I was conceived in love

I am aware that I was conceived in love. Even when I don’t have a memory about it, I am believing this. And even when other people are probably thinking and speaking badly about me.  

I am also determined to leave this temporarily life in Love !

Even when hate and insults would surround me in my ‘final’ moments, there would be the consulting and comforting presence of Love. I am absolute sure about that!

Everything will work for me and lead to the blossoming results of my life: Abundant grace, humility and vulnerability.

And a transparancy which is going deeper than flesh, blood and bones:

A daily watered – blessed – Heart and Soul.

Love you all !

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