Enrich What is Entrusted To You

The more I get older, the more I realise that life goes fast.

That I am a passerby. That for instance some of the furniture which is surrounding me will outlive me.

And I am becoming aware that I will leave this life without stuff, but also without fellow men.

So I am more and more cherishing everything and everybody who is entrusted to me.

It is a great honor to have relationships, but also to have possessions.

These are not from me, but I am alive to share parts of my beautiful self to others.

To give myself away. To have a lasting impact.

So cherish everything or everybody who is entrusted to you.

It, or he or she, is of great value. A great wealth to deal wisely with it.

Nurture, cherish and love it.

So that it, or he or she, will be richer, enriched, when the ways are parting.

When the waves are calling. And the winds are blowing.

When a human is travelling towards his eternal home.

– Splinter of Wisdom