Whatever Happens, It Will Be a Special Day

Leap Day. 29 February. Today.

Yes, make today a leap into another perspective.

Yesterday I heard a colleague yelling: ‘Oh no … Not also this! It is already such a nasty day’.

Oh no! Please don’t say such things. Even when your feelings are hurting or when you feel the sting of rejection. Don’t inject it into your personal situation. I know it is difficult … mostly we are doing this automatically …

So that’s why I am training myself to proclaim everyday what I really want to believe.

Every morning I am therefore telling myself aloud or whispering with a soft voice:

‘Whatever is happening, whatever I am feeling, whatever I am thinking: I am determined to make today a special day’.

Let’s say a beauty of a day 🙂

So yes, make today a leap of faith. Challenge and change your perspective. Every interpretation of your situation is a choice of what you are believing, mostly unaware, deep inside you.

So jump up, straighten your neck and shoulders and say aloud:

‘Let’s leap. It is Leap Day’…

No mountain too high to leap over it.

And start training your muscles daily.

Remember, the most muscular of all is:

Your tongue … 🙂

Splinter of Wisdom