Staying Hopeful Despite Everything

Feeling the difficulties of life I am wondering why I am experiencing sorrows. What is the usefulness of sadness?

Wondering and pondering. Desperately trying to stay present in the moment. Discovering that even than there is a strength hiding inside me.

And deciding than to continue to pay closely attention to all the thoughts which are traveling through my brain. Because I really want to think positive and to stay hopeful, even when everything seems lost.

I will stubbornly believe that every situation will work for my good and will bring the best out of me, even when I am not knowing it or seeing it.

I am the one who is shaping my own life via the expressions and exclamations of my mouth. So I am observing my thoughts … like a mother who takes care of her children … 🙂

I am aware that I want to have a blessing tongue. Blessing myself and blessing others. Loving myself, even when I am feeling the failing and seeing myself falling down. Even when my feelings are mirroring the thoughts of tragedy.

Choosing to open up, to share my experiences with others. And to be surprised by their reflections of carefulness.

And their love is reminding me of the Love inside me.

And that I am still unhindered on the road to a big Eternal Expression of Everlasting Life.

– Splinter of Wisdom