Victory of Vulnerability Vibrates in Veins

When I was young I told myself that I was strong and independent. That I could live on my own. Without the care of others. And even without their attention.

But now I am getting older. And I am discovering an awareness deep inside me that I am every day dependent on the grace of others. That they are permitting me to be, to live and to have my own space and place.

And that we all as humans are confronted with difficulties, disasters, sadness, stress and pain. And that we are than, but also just now, in such a need of loving and protecting arms … warm hugs … and sometimes the smile of a stranger.

We are as beings such vulnerable. And somewhere between our lonely cradle and our buzzy peer group we lost that insight.

But I am happy that Life is giving me again the opportunity to experience the powerfull blessing of vulnerability.

Splinter of Wisdom