Escape Ego – Experience Your Presence and Strength in Your Breath and Belly

Our beautiful mind can make us mad. So much imagery, fantasy and memories. Light or heavy thoughts and emotions. We can feel frustrated and powerless. Useless and restless. Out of place and floating in emptiness, darkness and imprisoned in our bodies.

But all these things are mental reflections and interpretations of our tiny, hollow and shallow Ego, which is a shadow of the real Reality.

The real thing is that we are loved completely, whatever we are thinking, doing or feeling. And regardless our acts, we are still loved. It is a never ending Love Story full of hope, courage and faith. It is such fulfilling that there is never a shortage of it.

The whole Universe is embodied with love. More over: All emptiness and darkness is full of Light and Life. Even when we are not feeling it, not seeing it or not believing it. Even when we are unaware of it.

To escape Ego – which only exists in our mind – and the suffering which is created by ego, the drama and the disaster, we can try to realize that it is possible to leave the house of our thoughts. We don’t have to live permanently in the ‘attic’ of our head …

Just use the staircase inside your body to descend towards the place of your lungs and your belly.

Be aware … Feel … Breathe … breathe … And feel the Presence that is present there … The strength … The joy … The power of Life … It is inside you … Dwelling there … . Whatever you are feeling … Or whatever difficulties your are experiencing … You are not alone … There is a big, decent Being inside You …

Be invited … Descend and Discover … 🙂

Splinter of Wisdom

Being a Teacher – Walking in My Destiny

Inside myself I laugh at myself. It feels like a big joke. Like that the Universe is not permitting me to escape my ‘fate’ 🙂 Because I never considered it possible that I would become a teacher. Me a teacher? No way. Never …

For years I resisted the thought of being the ‘master’ of a classroom full of kids. My ego was using my imagination to produce pictures of boring and dull situations.

Why was I protesting inside? Because many members of my family are teachers. My grandfather and my parents were, my sister, my uncle and my niece are it still today … And I charmed myself with the idea that I am unique, special and ‘otherwise’ than my family. I would live my life otherwise. I would go another path. I would choose my ‘own’ destiny …

But after years of different jobs I am feeling inside that the school as workplace is attracting me. It itches and it tickles inside me …

This started to become real when I was bringing my daughter to school and when I was feeling there an atmosphere of caring and loving attention … 🙂

And now … I am studying and practicing to be a teacher … Enthusiastically … Yes … You read that right … Enthusiastically 🙂

Splinter of Wisdom