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It is holiday for my kids. Six weeks of asking their father: ‘What will we do today?’ So I have chosen to take a break. Since October 2018 I have written 50 posts at this website (not to mention the pages of the Menu of this website).

I have sown the field. I have thrown the net at the other side of the boat. Will there be a rich yield?

During this holiday time I will be also present for you. Via the e-mail address or via the contact form of this website: Click here.  I am checking the mailbox regularly.

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Quote of the Day – There is More To Wear Today Than the Worn Jacket of Weariness

There is a treadmill of tiredness. And it consists of repeating events, pain from the past and fear for the future. Packed and loaded like an exhausted mule you can feel hunted by the whip of your memories (of rejection) and the unspoken, present, expectations of your setting. It can cause an overloaded and easily irritated mind and sometimes a burn out. You are not the only one. So many are today suffering. Due to the high standards of ”success” or the low levels of having enough money. And making it even more pressing is that the sting of tiredness is like a scorpion in its tail. Because it can switch you in a grumpy and dejected human, who is harvesting more rejection. So if you are today feeling very tired … please, give yourself a break. Take a day off from your work, arrange a babysitter and treat yourself a day out to a place you like. Turn off your phone and take care of yourself. You are the most precious. You can only take care of others if you are looking first after yourself. Observe your limits. And ask yourself what you need now and what you can handle. And when you have an inferiority complex or when you are feeling depressed or alone, please, try to say to yourself that you are your best friend. You are always together with yourself. So be nice and kind for yourself. And hold on! Carry on! And when that is not possible: Sit down and ask others for help. Ask that they listen to you and that they prepare your food and drinks, so that you are not becoming ill or even prematurely leaving this life. You are so needed … Really! Even when you are not believing this, feeling worthless or written off … I am writing about you today 🙂 And I love to encourage you by the way of these words … Just asking you: To what extent is there still left a drop of humor in you? If so: Be the cheering clown for yourself … The most relaxing jokes are the ones which give a smile and a tear … Because … Somewhere in the middle of nowhere … Sadness and gladness embrace each other … Daring … Hugging … Undetected …

– Splinter of Wisdom

Quote of the Day – Celebrate That the Whole World Is Today Your Playground

Aged religions start their story by telling us that we did fall. That we were stumbling in stubbornness … And that we in ancient times rolled down a steep hill … Long forgotten … but nowadays we are still rolling … The question is: Are we really rolling down? And are we really that erratic, egoistic and cocky creatures? If so … is that than a problem? Can’t we handle a little ‘complexity’? Why should we blame, accuse and condemn ourselves? Why should we pretend and misstep further just by burying the ‘perversions’ behind a wall of perfection? Seemingly secure built with bricks of self-justification, but constantly in need of maintenance. Using the ‘wrongdoings’ of others to plaster our own cracks. Okay, it is time to make a leap of thought: When we are looking at children … Are we than also watching with critical eyes? Really? When a kid falls we stretch our hands to help it to rise again. We comfort, we dry the tears and when there are drops of blood … We stick a plaster on it. So is it than possible to look with that same friendly eyes at our own stumbling? Because … falling and failing is a part of life. It gives us the possibility to stand still, to breathe, to think, to learn and to grow. So reassure yourself today: Wrestling is okay and making mistakes is also okay. Give yourself the permission to fall … And celebrate that the whole world is your playground … Relax! Please, relax! Try to enjoy every toy! Even in this moment you are not knowing how many days you will be present in your human form of flesh and blood … And should today be your last day: Don’t freak out. It is still okay. If the ‘game’ is over … Blow out … It is time to leave the tight ‘classroom’ … You are promoted to … more extensive space … There is far more to explore than planet Earth … The whole Universe is expanding on behalf of you! … You are invited to: Next level 🙂

– Splinter of Wisdom

Quote of the Day – Pinch Today The Sting of Anger which Depresses Your Mood

How sensitive you are to anger. Little things can irritate, unbalance you and even make you mad. It disturbs and blocks your joy and rest. It kidnaps the peaceful pace of your thoughts and feelings. And with ravelling results: You are blaming the other for making your life hard and difficult. You are fixating on your hurted feelings, obsessed and possessed by it. And you don’t have anymore the mental space to empathize and ask yourself what the other is thinking and feeling. Do you deem it possible that the other didn’t hurt you on purpose? That he was unaware about his behaviour causing a mess in your mind? Or was he feeling such frustrated that he was snapping as an angry snake at you? Ouch … You can be such vengeful … longing to pay back the pain which is inflicted on you … Your mind is like all the other humans conditioned upon retribution and criminalizing the behaviours of others. Happily no one was hearing your big mouthed murderous thoughts … So why should you give the other this power over your mind? Why should you repeatingly become angry and let your mood be soured? Let it go … Don’t take it personally … Please, let it go! Forgive today! Forgive and again forgive … Beware yourself of falling in the pit of a bitter, hostile and angry resentment …

– Splinter of Wisdom