Sharing And Giving Away My Darlings – Tools to Get Rid of The Possessed Ego

I loved books. I read thousands of books. As a teenager I was reading the titles of Kafka, Dostoevsky and Solzhenitsyn. The last author did ‘tell’ me about his experiences in the bitterly cold concentration camps of Stalin. The ‘Gulag Archipelago’ did impress me like the books which I read about the Holocaust (the Shoah).

Reading was for me a flight from reality, as I told in my post on 18 December 2018: Click here

Also I was reading fanatically about World War II, because my history teacher did not want to share his knowledge about what happened to the Jews. I wrote about this in my blog ‘History’ on 30 October 2018: Click here

Books were for me of such importance. Because ‘they’ were giving me insights and positive feelings. It was for me a pleasure to read hours and hours, with red cheeks, fully present in a pretty flow and concentration. 

Books felt for me in value far more precious than the members of my family. Because books were giving me a variety of feelings. And all these emotions were attaching themselves to my books.

I remember that I was saving many weeks just to buy a new title of the set of books of ‘Snuf de hond’. I even know today the price in guilders after all that years (it was yet before the introduction of the euro as currency).

I dated an American woman

My ‘addiction’ – being hungry for knowledge – to books changed when I became 30 years and older. In that time I started a relationship with an American woman via Facebook. And I flew by plane a couple of times to California to date her. We had an amazing time and we decided together that I would emigrate to the United States.

So in the preparation of my leaving of the Netherlands I did look critically at all my possessions at home. It was not possible to take all these stuff with me. And so I decided to halve my large collection of books.

And by doing that and by giving all these books away I felt that I was liberating my self. I felt relief.

No books at shelves in our living room

The second moment of giving away came after I married a Dutch lady. Because my wife don’t like it when I have my books at shelves in our living room, my books went upstairs to a cupboard at the attic.

And again I was looking thoroughly at all my books. Pondering and deciding which books I would like to keep and which I would give away.

And now – just some months ago – I tried for the third time to review my books. After lots of hesitations I decided to take my most special ones and give these to my children. So that they can read and experience the pleasure of exciting books.

Also I hope to prevent that they will only see these books when they inherit these when they are adults and when they are probably not anymore interested in books at all 🙂

Not anymore identifying these as property

I have discovered that by giving away my expensive books and by sharing these with my children that these possessions are not anymore having such an emotional impact on me. I am not anymore identifying these as ‘mine’ property. And so these objects are not anymore ’asking’ for my attention, care and love.  

So yes, I am freed of the burden of books. These are nowadays not anymore important for me. ‘They’ became finally ‘neutral’ in being 🙂

So to give away and to share have given me the possibility to get rid of my possessed ego. Because my ‘I’ is not anymore attached to these costly belongings.

I have before written about my observation that ‘objects’ and persons – like my wife – are not at all my ”property”. See also my post about ‘Marriage’ on 13 January 2019: Click here

So my advice is: Start with sharing the possessions you don’t want to give away.

Because you will experience – via that ‘way’ – that you will set free your soul.

No property can than anymore own or possess you !

Enjoying Life – Even Twitter

I could never imagine that I would become 43 years.

When I was ten years old I was visualising how it would be to be thirty years. To think further than that border was for me at that age impossible. But for sure there was one thing I knew. Finally, I would be an adult.

Shaving my face and pumping the fuel into the petrol tank of the car seemed for me the coolest activities in the world.

The Bomb would fall, we thought … 

I grew up in the dark and somber years of the eighties. The atmosphere felt pessimistic. The economy was not functioning well and the adults were afraid that one day the Bomb would fall. Happily it never did fall, but when the disaster happened with the nuclear plant in Chernobyl – 26 April 1986 – my parents were very worried.

Some days later they were so relieved that the radioactive cloud was blown away to other regions than the Netherlands.

Today I am still wondering what happened to the people who were living in the areas where the radioactive parts were raining down on their vegetables.

I also remember a poster behind the windows of one of our neighbours. On it there were the words: ‘No Russians in my back garden’.

These impressions were for me the highlights of the Cold War. Cold, because there was no real war between the West and the USSR (nowadays Russia). But still many innocent civilians and spies were killed during clandestine operations.

Fall of the Berlin Wall

And than suddenly the Berlin Wall was overthrown (9 November 1989). My parents where flabbergasted. They never expected that this would ever be possible to happen. It was mind blowing.

The concrete of the Berlin Wall was so thick and the watchtowers were full of heavy armed soldiers. Immediately shooting with machine guns when a civilian was running into the no man’s land towards the big barrier of the Wall.

That day we saw on our small television screen the celebration of the excited crowd in Berlin. Many Dutch persons decided to drive to Berlin. Just to see with own eyes what was happening. To be a part of these historic days.

And to acquire some stones of the Wall. Or to get a legendary specimen of the Trabant (the car that was produced in East Germany).

It was such a vibe of freedom and relief. And a very good start of the nineties.

There was a huge change of atmosphere.

And when I am now again seeing the pictures of that time, observing how the people looked and how they were clothed, I am realising with a shock that this happened thirty years ago. It is so far away that it seems even that it never happened.

I dived in the world of Twitter

And in the week that I celebrated my birthday – feeling thankful to be alive after all that years – I decided also to do something new. I dived in the world of Twitter.

And it surprised me. Until now I did not understand Twitter.

For years I was asking myself why people are sending such short messages of just 280 characters. My mind did not grasp it.

And my ignorance was confirmed when I was reading the news reports about the ‘mind blowing’ tweets of the Commander in Chief of the United States of America 🙂

It seemed for me that Twitter is just a medium for old, angry, white men.

But I was wrong. A whole new universe is opening for me. My possibilities to communicate are extending. I am even connecting with far more people than before via Facebook.

One thing I am not ‘seeing’ quite well. And that is why one tweet is read by some people, while another tweet – which I am not expecting to have an impact – is watched by hundreds of humans.

And thus I am so surprised that my delightful tweet about the extension of the daylight – spring is coming ! – was visited in such a short time by … 1,043 persons !

And the number is still going up 🙂

Thank you all for that … I am enjoying it !