Enrich What is Entrusted To You

The more I get older, the more I realise that life goes fast.

That I am a passerby. That for instance some of the furniture which is surrounding me will outlive me.

And I am becoming aware that I will leave this life without stuff, but also without fellow men.

So I am more and more cherishing everything and everybody who is entrusted to me.

It is a great honor to have relationships, but also to have possessions.

These are not from me, but I am alive to share parts of my beautiful self to others.

To give myself away. To have a lasting impact.

So cherish everything or everybody who is entrusted to you.

It, or he or she, is of great value. A great wealth to deal wisely with it.

Nurture, cherish and love it.

So that it, or he or she, will be richer, enriched, when the ways are parting.

When the waves are calling. And the winds are blowing.

When a human is travelling towards his eternal home.

– Splinter of Wisdom

There is Progress … Slow but Steady

While worldwide people are protesting ‘white supremacy’, we could be tempted to think that in the end nothing will change at all.

But that is a delusion.

Even in my country the Netherlands the old tradition of ‘Black Pete’ is changing. We as white people are more and more realizing that the black painted faces at the ‘innocent’ children’s party of Saint Nicholas are hurtful to black people.

And yes, thanks to the heroes who dare to stand up, even when they are mocked, there is made progress.

So let’s also start to change the toys of our kids. Let them play with black dolls and brown colored barbies, in imitation of Banksy who drew his hero doll on the wall of a hospital in Great Britain.

Even when we are feeling impatient or irritated about the tempo of the progress, let’s realize that a lot of progress of the last centuries was slow but steady.

It reminds me of the old story of the hare and the tortoise. This fairy tale was originally created by Aesopus, who was living thousands years ago (between six hunderd and five hunderd before the birth of Christ).

There is progress, slow but steady.

So stay focused … Do’nt give up! Be brave!

Splinter of Wisdom

For the child inside us a comforting song:

Whatever Happens, It Will Be a Special Day

Leap Day. 29 February. Today.

Yes, make today a leap into another perspective.

Yesterday I heard a colleague yelling: ‘Oh no … Not also this! It is already such a nasty day’.

Oh no! Please don’t say such things. Even when your feelings are hurting or when you feel the sting of rejection. Don’t inject it into your personal situation. I know it is difficult … mostly we are doing this automatically …

So that’s why I am training myself to proclaim everyday what I really want to believe.

Every morning I am therefore telling myself aloud or whispering with a soft voice:

‘Whatever is happening, whatever I am feeling, whatever I am thinking: I am determined to make today a special day’.

Let’s say a beauty of a day 🙂

So yes, make today a leap of faith. Challenge and change your perspective. Every interpretation of your situation is a choice of what you are believing, mostly unaware, deep inside you.

So jump up, straighten your neck and shoulders and say aloud:

‘Let’s leap. It is Leap Day’…

No mountain too high to leap over it.

And start training your muscles daily.

Remember, the most muscular of all is:

Your tongue … 🙂

Splinter of Wisdom

To Be Here To Be a Helper and To Serve Each Other Carefully and Colourfully

When I was a child I was dominant. I was acting like that I was the boss. I always wanted that we were playing in accordance with my will. At that age I did not understand the words of Jesus when he was saying:

”I am not here to reign, but to serve”.

‘Serving the other’ was sounding for me – when I was a teenager – like being a submissive servant. I felt the resistance inside me.

Nowadays, being a father, I understand far more what it means to be a servant. Brushing the teeth of my kids or cleaning the dirty buttocks of my little son …

To be a servant is for me nowadays a free choice of my will. To help others, hoping that they can flourish like flowers and that they can feel that they are taken care of, is for me like giving away a present of love and strength.

It is more beautiful to see that others are making their own choices than to be the boss who is commanding others to act in accordance to his rules. It is more tempting to see that others are in their own power than to overpower them.

Like Jesus showed us. That real strength is not in power terms, in royal clothes or in big and expensive cars, but that natural power is found in care and paying attention to others. Like listening carefully, encouraging and empowering each other. To keep it up, even when the circumstances are dark and difficult. And even when the other is hurting you and me.

Please, hold on. A helper is already on the way to you … 🙂

Scars or stars

Splinter of Wisdom

Being a Teacher – Walking in My Destiny

Inside myself I laugh at myself. It feels like a big joke. Like that the Universe is not permitting me to escape my ‘fate’ 🙂 Because I never considered it possible that I would become a teacher. Me a teacher? No way. Never …

For years I resisted the thought of being the ‘master’ of a classroom full of kids. My ego was using my imagination to produce pictures of boring and dull situations.

Why was I protesting inside? Because many members of my family are teachers. My grandfather and my parents were, my sister, my uncle and my niece are it still today … And I charmed myself with the idea that I am unique, special and ‘otherwise’ than my family. I would live my life otherwise. I would go another path. I would choose my ‘own’ destiny …

But after years of different jobs I am feeling inside that the school as workplace is attracting me. It itches and it tickles inside me …

This started to become real when I was bringing my daughter to school and when I was feeling there an atmosphere of caring and loving attention … 🙂

And now … I am studying and practicing to be a teacher … Enthusiastically … Yes … You read that right … Enthusiastically 🙂

Splinter of Wisdom

Those Shining Stars Above Are Pushing Us Non Stop To Move Again During Daylight

Did you ever ask yourself how it is possible that the earth is still turning after billions of years? And why that movement is continuously? Day after day, night after night and year after year. Without getting stuck. Or even without delays or errors …

The answer to this question is hidden in the stars 🙂 It are the stars themselves. These countless, blinking, seemingly motionless spots are like restrained horses in the dark. They are full of fire. Earnestly desiring to break loose and to let their energy go into the emptiness.

It is like stepping on the gas, while the brake is still on. Your car will than bump and bump. Also these far away lights are restlessly prancing and dancing. And it are these exited movements that are pressing the old earth wave after wave … to turn again, again and still again around its axis …

– Splinter of Wisdom

Power of Speech

For years I was wondering about the possiblity of this website. I thought many times about wisdom and my desire to help other people, specially in asking their burning questions. To escape the hush thoughts of our minds, the ‘all is going well’ expressions on our faces and to make the unspoken requests be heard.

Four Weeks
Four weeks ago I started my adventure as Splinter of Wisdom by telling a good friend about mij deep felt wish. For the first time I was hearing myself telling the vision of this site, just by words shaping it and calling it in existence. Listening to myself I felt very surprised. I thought: ‘Wow, would this really be so simple? Why am I not already doing it? Let’s just start!’

Starting Shot
And after the sound of this starting shot the words were just welling up to the surface. All these years ‘they’ had grown deep inside me. And now ‘they’ were ready to come to the surface of my soul. I was just calling ‘them’ out. And there ‘they’ were. Splashing like the bubbles of a deep well!

Wisdom Tribe
I found at internet also more about the Power of Words. With thanks to the ‘Wisdom Tribe Blog’: Click here

King Solomon

As a child I was impressed by the story of King Solomon. It was said that before and after this king no human could be as wise as he. So I kept for years praying: ‘Please, give me 99,9 % of the wisdom of Solomon’. 

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