There is Progress … Slow but Steady

While worldwide people are protesting ‘white supremacy’, we could be tempted to think that in the end nothing will change at all.

But that is a delusion.

Even in my country the Netherlands the old tradition of ‘Black Pete’ is changing. We as white people are more and more realizing that the black painted faces at the ‘innocent’ children’s party of Saint Nicholas are hurtful to black people.

And yes, thanks to the heroes who dare to stand up, even when they are mocked, there is made progress.

So let’s also start to change the toys of our kids. Let them play with black dolls and brown colored barbies, in imitation of Banksy who drew his hero doll on the wall of a hospital in Great Britain.

Even when we are feeling impatient or irritated about the tempo of the progress, let’s realize that a lot of progress of the last centuries was slow but steady.

It reminds me of the old story of the hare and the tortoise. This fairy tale was originally created by Aesopus, who was living thousands years ago (between six hunderd and five hunderd before the birth of Christ).

There is progress, slow but steady.

So stay focused … Do’nt give up! Be brave!

Splinter of Wisdom

For the child inside us a comforting song:

We Are Just Here – Enjoy Your Moments

Already seven weeks living at home. Thanks to the Corona Virus. Working and living in and around the house. Like the old times, when the lives of people were concentrated in villages and hamlets, just before the rise of the big cities. When they breathed clean air. When there were no planes flying in the sky. And no big polluting chimneys.

A colleague who retired this week did not get a big farewell party. However, there were smaller moments when colleagues were playing music instruments in his street and when a big surprise cake was brought to the threshold of his home.

The retiring fellow worker was touched by all these gestures of love. He wrote a thank you message and told us that his soul had gotten callus during twenty years of being a policeman and detective. But at this moment in time he was feeling emotional … tears were filling his eyes.

There was also a picture in his e-mail. It is the photo above this post. The clock where the numbers have fallen down. And where the words are expressing an old Dutch idiom. ‘Does it matter? I am retired anyway’ … it is written there.

The strange thing is that it seems that many humans are working hard and waiting for the moment far away in time that they will finally retire. Than … only than … is the time to relax and to slow down …

But the ‘truth’ is that not anyone of us will reach that destination. For some of us it will be unreachable. Like it was for the innumerable ‘boys’ who were bleeding and dying at the red coloured beaches of Normandy, 75 years ago.

Within some days we will be remembering how precious our Freedom is. How hard-fought. How many sacrifices were given to regain it. Millions of humans wasted and thrown away. Like so many persons are nowadays dying in prison camps at ‘forgotten’ spots, somewhere at barren, wasted and overcrowded grounds.

So please … When you are living in a situation where you have a home, food, drink, a bed, a good health and (sometimes) the company of others like neighbours, friends, family, please try to enjoy. Be aware of your precious moments in time.

Your and mine time is limited. Even when we are getting older than the generations before us. Even than … Time is still flying … And we are flying away someday to other places of consciousness. Heaven? God knows. Probably.

But even when it is not there … somewhere before us in time … Try to enjoy the moments of ‘heaven’ … when you belong to the lucky ones who are living at comfortable places … in villages and hamlets … which can be seemingly dull and undisturbed …

But it is a great present to be free of danger, harm and controlling guards … It is for many of us at this planet a desirable luxury …

– Splinter of Wisdom

The Blessings of the Corona Crisis

These days which are seemingly like those of the Black Death in the Middle Ages are feeling for some of us like a prison (house arrest) or like the stripping away of everything that was giving a sense of comfort (like going to the sports club).

But for others of us these days are the beginning of a new era. A time when humans are giving more attention to their environment, like appreciating clean air (less planes are flying nowadays) and where the economy is more focussed on the balance and welbeing of everyone, instead of that the high profits are going to a small group of wealthy, white men.

So how are these days for me?

I am really enjoying it. I understand that it is easy for me to talk like this, because the Corona Virus has not come very close to me. Happily my neigbours and family members are still healthy … but even when it would come closer … I am really enjoying the beautiful blue skies and the brilliant sunlight. Did someone notice that the sunlight seems to be brighter these days? The Spring is surprising me with an abundance of flowers, colours, smells and beautiful, little, flying animals.

And I am enjoying the company of my kids. These days I have gone far more times to the playground, which is laying for our house, than anytime before ๐Ÿ™‚

So yes … please … even when you are experiencing financial difficulties … even when you are feeling stressed .. please try to focus on Life and Light.

I know for some of us it is very difficult …

But please do’nt let your mind distract you. Please let the worries of daily life not overgrow you.

You and I … We are far stronger than our ‘weaknesses’ and tough moments.

There is a Power dwelling inside our bodies which is divine. It is giving us humans a divine design and ongoing energy. ‘God’ lives inside us … Is present in our blood, our veins and in our muscles …

So please, doโ€™nt be distracted by the form of us humans.

There is a Presence inside us that is shining and hiding its Light behind our (facial) features. Our characteristics are less fixed than our most rigged thoughts and feelings …

So, please be comforted … And try to be a comfort for yourself and others …

Love yourself … and love God inside others … Humans, animals, trees and flowers …

There is and will be always an abundance of Light and Life.

Even in our – by our minds – obscured ‘dark days’ … ๐Ÿ™‚

Turn on the lights!

How many lamps can you connect to this and keep them on?
(the answer is the number that is the symbol of eternity which is unchanged, even when it is upside down ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Splinter of Wisdom

Whatever Happens, It Will Be a Special Day

Leap Day. 29 February. Today.

Yes, make today a leap into another perspective.

Yesterday I heard a colleague yelling: ‘Oh no … Not also this! It is already such a nasty day’.

Oh no! Please don’t say such things. Even when your feelings are hurting or when you feel the sting of rejection. Don’t inject it into your personal situation. I know it is difficult … mostly we are doing this automatically …

So that’s why I am training myself to proclaim everyday what I really want to believe.

Every morning I am therefore telling myself aloud or whispering with a soft voice:

‘Whatever is happening, whatever I am feeling, whatever I am thinking: I am determined to make today a special day’.

Let’s say a beauty of a day ๐Ÿ™‚

So yes, make today a leap of faith. Challenge and change your perspective. Every interpretation of your situation is a choice of what you are believing, mostly unaware, deep inside you.

So jump up, straighten your neck and shoulders and say aloud:

‘Let’s leap. It is Leap Day’…

No mountain too high to leap over it.

And start training your muscles daily.

Remember, the most muscular of all is:

Your tongue … ๐Ÿ™‚

Splinter of Wisdom

Staying Hopeful Despite Everything

Feeling the difficulties of life I am wondering why I am experiencing sorrows. What is the usefulness of sadness?

Wondering and pondering. Desperately trying to stay present in the moment. Discovering that even than there is a strength hiding inside me.

And deciding than to continue to pay closely attention to all the thoughts which are traveling through my brain. Because I really want to think positive and to stay hopeful, even when everything seems lost.

I will stubbornly believe that every situation will work for my good and will bring the best out of me, even when I am not knowing it or seeing it.

I am the one who is shaping my own life via the expressions and exclamations of my mouth. So I am observing my thoughts โ€ฆ like a mother who takes care of her children โ€ฆ ๐Ÿ™‚

I am aware that I want to have a blessing tongue. Blessing myself and blessing others. Loving myself, even when I am feeling the failing and seeing myself falling down. Even when my feelings are mirroring the thoughts of tragedy.

Choosing to open up, to share my experiences with others. And to be surprised by their reflections of carefulness.

And their love is reminding me of the Love inside me.

And that I am still unhindered on the road to a big Eternal Expression of Everlasting Life.

– Splinter of Wisdom

To Be Here To Be a Helper and To Serve Each Other Carefully and Colourfully

When I was a child I was dominant. I was acting like that I was the boss. I always wanted that we were playing in accordance with my will. At that age I did not understand the words of Jesus when he was saying:

”I am not here to reign, but to serve”.

‘Serving the other’ was sounding for me – when I was a teenager – like being a submissive servant. I felt the resistance inside me.

Nowadays, being a father, I understand far more what it means to be a servant. Brushing the teeth of my kids or cleaning the dirty buttocks of my little son …

To be a servant is for me nowadays a free choice of my will. To help others, hoping that they can flourish like flowers and that they can feel that they are taken care of, is for me like giving away a present of love and strength.

It is more beautiful to see that others are making their own choices than to be the boss who is commanding others to act in accordance to his rules. It is more tempting to see that others are in their own power than to overpower them.

Like Jesus showed us. That real strength is not in power terms, in royal clothes or in big and expensive cars, but that natural power is found in care and paying attention to others. Like listening carefully, encouraging and empowering each other. To keep it up, even when the circumstances are dark and difficult. And even when the other is hurting you and me.

Please, hold on. A helper is already on the way to you … ๐Ÿ™‚

Scars or stars

Splinter of Wisdom